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Everybody please read this!

I read reviews all the time and have never felt compelled to write one…till now. Why now you might ask? Because a great and phenomenal thing happened regarding my real estate experience. Had a nice condo I needed to sell. Did some research, yes and read some reviews and Mr. R.C. Welles’ name came up more than a few times. So I contacted Mr. Welles and we discussed several things. Great discussion, super advice, and I knowing we were in good hands! Wow, later I found out I was in great hands! We had an offer immediately, but the wise Mr. Welles advised he believed based on his knowledge of the market and conversations with others that interest was there and to wait a day or so before making a decision on the offer. As you suspected, multiple offers came in with more than a few exceeding my asking price! Mr. Welles was absolutely invaluable during this time with wise advice and priceless friendship. Kept me informed throughout this period, talked to me like a long-time friend. How can you not choose someone like this with such kindness, knowledge, skill and experience? Listen, make an informed choice, read reviews like this, then choose the best, Mr. R.C. Welles, your Real Estate Expert and one of my friends. Let this serve as my introduction and tell him I sent you!