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Here is a good story with a great ending

Last March, a whole year ago now, my sister and I were looking for a small piece of land where we could retire and have our horses and a vegetable garden. We met Robert Wells where he was holding an open house in Pine Valley. The property he was holding an open house was interesting but not just what we wanted. So, Robert set us up to see a few more properties that were for sale after we told him what we were looking for. Within a week he found us a beautiful 5 acre property with a wonderful well, good soil and riding trails everywhere around us. There were a couple problems that came up during the escrow period due to the seller not wanting to perform with a septic inspection but Robert took care of it and we closed escrow on time. Best of all, we have remained best friends with Robert and, another benefit for us, he is an excellent cook…we have benefited from that fact a few times. Robert makes the best version of Madam Wu’s pungent ribs I have ever tasted and he serves it up with his own Caesar salad…yummm.
All in all, Robert has helped us tremendously, he is a great guy and he knows his business.

Thank you Robert,
Jane R.